Styling Tips

1. Put some thought into your style. Not only in your clothing but in your home style as well. These pictures are going to be decorating your home. If you feel you don’t have a good sense of style and need some direction, I will gladly help out.

2. Color Coordinate but don’t make it too matchy-matchy. Stay away from white on white and black on black. Throw some color and fun into the mix.

3. Accessorize!! Accessories are amazing for photo shoots. I always tell my clients to bring a bunch of different items they love. Hats, jewelry, bows, headbands, scarves, belts, etc all add such a drastic and fun change in such a simple way.

4. Patterns. While patterns are cute on one or two people, stay away from putting everyone in patterns. It can be very distracting in the photos.

5. Character Tees. Just like patterns, these can be distracting.